The Sacred Valley Healing Center is a nestled in 5 beautiful tree line acres of Ponderosa Pine, Oaks, Fir and Cedars with a spectacular view of Mount Shasta.

At the end of a private road in Hammond Ranch, 10 minutes from both downtown Mount Shasta City and Weed it is a central location to explore the majestic beauty of this pristine paradise. We are located 15 minutes from the famous Stewart Mineral Springs.

We offer a variety of services from individual 2 hour healing sessions without accommodation to individual or couple 2 to 5 day personal healing retreats. We also offer workshops on aspects of the Shamanic arts, Reiki healing retreats – including Shamanistic Reiki, vision- quests and apprenticeships. We can cater to Tourists who are passing through the area and would like to experience the potential for deep healing in one or two sessions. (By appointment only)

Our residential retreats include accommodation (in the healing center or in a tent on the land) and food (organic, gluten free) to allow for participants to deeply immerse themselves in the transformational healing process or teaching program whilst communing with the powerful forces of nature in this sacred land. If you are local or prefer, you can sleep offsite and provide own food for a discount. Click here to see our list of retreats.

We can also arrange for Jennifer, a masseuse from Stewart Mineral Springs to provide a massage for you in the comfort of our home, both inside or outside in the garden. Click Here to see Jennifer’s website.

Our facility is ADA (wheelchair) accessible and has a bathroom built to ADA standards.

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Alan has spent a lot of time in Peru in an area known as The Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is in this Sacred Valley that most of the famous Incan sites such as Machu Picchu, Sacsahuayman, Pisac and Ollantaytambo are located. ‘Cuzco’ is actually pronounced ‘Qosco’ which means navel in Quechua, the language of the Incan peoples that is still widely spoken today. The navel is considered by them to be where our spiritual power is held.

Mount Shasta and Mount Eddy create a powerful energy vortex that is reminiscent of the energy in The Sacred Valley of Peru and is not just an area of incredible natural beauty but a place of magnified healing potential and spiritual connection, with many natural, sacred sites and places of power.


Mount Shasta located in Northern California is a increasingly popular destination for spiritual seekers from all over the world. With a summit of 14,125 feet above sea level, Mt.Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range and has the largest mass of any single mountain in the USA. Considered to be dormant, this volcano is said to be one of the most likely to have a major eruption, though probably not for another 400 years or so!

Considered to be the root chakra of Mother Earth, Mount Shasta or Apu Shasta (mountain spirit) as she is also known, by the Q’ero Indians of Peru, is the site of many strange and wonderful myths and legends. A crystal city inside the Mountain, peopled by a 5th dimensional race known as the Lemurians, sightings of Ascended Masters, most notably Saint Germaine and reported sightings of interstellar visitors are all part of the folklore that make this place one of the most sacred and mystical on Earth.

My own view is that Mount Shasta is a powerful energy vortex that absorbs Star Energy, especially from the Plaedes and distributes it around the planet for healing and to aid in the Ascension of all those that are ready to step into the next level of consciousness. It is for this reason that many people either visit, or as I did, end up moving here, to be guided and then help to guide others into the state of pure awareness. I think of the water that is in the many aquifers and emits from the mountain at various sacred sites, as liquid starlight and is some of the purest tasting you will ever find in the USA.

Sometimes spending a few days here can be quite intense, as the energy of the mountain and the surrounding land works its way through your field, bringing core limiting issues and negative emotions to the surface. This is the perfect time and place to seek healing to help bring a release of these conditions that become more apparent as the days go by. Though it can be uncomfortable, it is considered a perfect time to face your sh*t, and hold yourself accountable rather than project your limitations onto other people. At the Sacred Valley Healing Center you can spend a few days relaxing, eating good food, making offerings at Sacred Sites, spend quality time in Nature and most importantly, move deeply into healing those things that either block you, cause physical and emotional imbalance or in other ways limit your full potential on this Earthwalk. We also offer single 2 hour sessions for those that are just passing through.

The Earth’s Chakra System.

As we peoploids have 7 major Chakra or energy centers, so does Mother Earth. Mount Shasta is considered to be the Root Chakra of the Earth. She is also considered by many, as do I, to be a super chakra that doesn’t necessarily fit into the normal chakra- nadi system but contains elements of all of them.

Below is subjective list of all the energy centers on Gaia.

1 First or Root – Mount Shasta, California
2 Second or Sacral – Lake Titicaca, Peru/ Bolivia
3 Third or Solar Plexus – Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia
4 Fourth or Heart – Glastonbury Tor-Shaftesbury, England
5 Fifth or Throat – Great Pyramid – Mt. of Olives
6 Sixth or Third Eye – Kuh-e Malek Slah, Iran
7 Seventh or Crown – Mt. Kailas, Tibet