Freedom Breathwork and Yin Yoga


Equinox Retreat – Mount Shasta, Ca

September 22nd and 23rd


Join Alan Waugh and Nicole Doherty in a breakthrough weekend of transformative practices using a combination of Breathwork, Yoga, Spiritual Processing, and Trauma Release Techniques.

Upgrade your consciousness and emotional intelligence

De – armor your heart

Yin Yoga

Transformational Processing

DE- programming Techniques for past lineage patterns and Conditioning

Re- Birthing into your authentic birthright.

What does this mean?

It means that through a combination of powerful yet gentle techniques you can expect to experience emotional release and uncover deep seated conditions that may have effected you as far back as in- utero or birth. It has been shown that to use gentle processes rather than intense, cathartic, trauma release techniques helps to release those conditions more effectively and permanently. Sometimes cathartic techniques can send people deeper into the woundings and have a more challenging integration period.

With over 30 years of combined experience of shamanic healing, teaching yoga and Reiki, Alan and Nicole offer a Safe and experienced container for you to drop into areas of core limiting beliefs and conditioning.

$250 for weekend (no food or accommodation)

$450 Includes food and accommodation

$150 Day rate

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