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The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat is the premier holistic healing sanctuary in Mount Shasta, California blending ancient and modern wisdom traditions to empower individuals to love themselves and create a life of spiritual connection, emotional health, and balance.  We transform lives through customized in-person retreats, as well as online integrative empowerment coaching programs. We are unique in that our dedication and commitment to the studies of Neo-Shamanism, the Shipibo Ayahuasca medicine path, Universal Shamanism and the Pachakuti Mesa (PMT) of don Oscar Miro-Quesada, have deeply informed our trauma-informed emotional healing work, channeled teachings and connection to the unseen realms for ongoing support. We recognize that everyone’s path to healing is different. As such, we have combine powerful modalities with over 30 + years of combined experience to address what we’ve witnessed in our clients – stress, depression, toxic relationships, lack of purpose or direction, soul loss, detoxification, addiction, life/career shifts, sexual trauma, etc. Through all the years and hundreds and thousands of clients later, we recognize some key components that are needed to create long-term success such as a willingness to shift, inner child and emotional healing, body-mind-energy medicine, nature, spiritual connection, commitment, personal responsibility, communication, honesty, accountability, integration, ongoing practices, and building community. The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat (SVSR) is an East meets West approach to healing that addresses the physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies for total being wellness. As long as you are committed to the process, our signature programs are built for long-term, sustained growth.

We have designed our sanctuary to offer many financial entry points:

*Most of our clients choose the VIP Personal/Couples Retreats to have a more private, intimate experience. Do you want to continue compromising yourself, or to take back the reins on your happiness and success? We have a proven track record of helping individuals create a life of spiritual well-being, happiness and balanced health.

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Welcome courage and community to your newly empty nest.
  • Detox and find calm as an overworked professional.
  • Deliver better communication, intimacy and renewed joy to your barren relationship.
  • Devise your personalized plan for a prosperous and hopeful future with money and career.
  • Embrace a holistic approach to promote health and well-being.
  • Reconnect to your career with your purpose and passion.
  • Enter retirement assuredly, with new clarity and focus.
In today’s fast-paced world, we often lose sight of the things that matter. Most parents and busy professionals forget to focus on the secret to personal prosperity: balance. Without an equal balance between one’s professional and personal life, true happiness can never be achieved. At the Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat at Mount Shasta we can offer you a holistic personalized path to calm the chaos within while re-engaging with your life, strengthening your relationships, and reuniting with your passions. If you’re ready to experience the Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat difference for yourself, call or email us anytime to discuss your needs. Together, we can ascertain where you are now, where you want to be, and what we can do to help get you there.

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Integrative Coaching Services

We offer integrative coaching services and distance healing for those that are unable to make the journey to our facility. We also cater to tourists passing through the area who would like to experience a day of healing work. Contact us to set this up and find out more about our transformative practices.


Yelp Reviews for Alan Waugh
Yelp Reviews for Nicole Doherty

“Alan is a true spiritual healer bravely walking the difficult path of service and sacrifice for the benefit of others.  Within moments of meeting him, I felt totally safe and able to be open and honest.  This was very important, because we went deeper into the psychological realm than my past experiences with shamanism.  I was impressed with how seamlessly he wove together various types of healing modalities that addressed my physical, mental, and spiritual health.  During our first session, I was moved to tears by the wave of unconditional love that he was radiating.  It opened my heart and gave me courage at the same time.  This may be difficult to describe, but when I met his presence in this state, I knew I was capable of going where he was leading me and determined to put forth all of my effort to heal.

Unexpectedly, I was able to feel blockages being removed, as he performed reiki on me and the pain in my knee and neck dissipate during the sound healing.  It had not occurred to me that these areas of pain would be released.  I was seeing him for different reasons.  It has been over a month and my neck still feels great, after years of chronic discomfort. I booked 3 sessions and my goals were met and then some.  He sent me home with tools to continue the healing in his absence and he checks in from time to time.  Which, I think, is super kind!   As you can see, I am very pleased with the Alan and my gratitude flows undying.  I will never forget him!”

~ DAMIA H  Massage Therapist

“For years if something adverse would happen in my life I would imagine putting the experience in an iron sealed box and filing it away in a cabinet, locked away.  I can’t change the past so why deal with it right?  Turns out that was not productive.  Nicole’s reiki session dredged up and released stored anger and frustration in me, leaving me feeling like I am walking on air.  She has a true gift as a healer.  On top of that she is a fantastic yoga instructor with postitive affirmations and the voice of an angle, she has made key corrections in my yoga practice. I have profound appreciation for her and the highest recommendation.”

~ BRANDEE A  Nurse