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Alan Waugh

Alan Waugh is an influential healer, visionary teacher and spiritual mentor.  He has trained extensively in Peruvian Healing Traditions both in Peru and the United States, and he is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher. Alan is a skilled Spiritual Coach, Sound Healer, Retreat Leader and offers custom designed ceremonies for healing, weddings and funerals.

He is the founder of The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat, one of the premiere healing centers in Mount Shasta, and leads healing retreats in the USA and Peru.

Personal words from Alan

 “I began following a spiritual path from my mid 20’s in the midst of a decade long period of severe depression. Through developing the understanding that actions have consequences, I took dramatic steps to change my actions to allow for a change in outcome. Part of which involved leaving my birthplace of the UK and spending several years travelling the world to places of spiritual power such as India, Tibet, Nepal, Africa and locations in South America. Through contemplative practices and immersing myself in ancient wisdom traditions, I gained a clear understanding of mind/body connections and skills to release negative states of mind. Happily, I have not experienced depression for 30 years.

I now dedicate my time in service to helping create a better world by helping others achieve a life of happiness and fulfillment. With over 20 years of working as a hospice volunteer, I have assisted hundreds of dying people through the final stages of life. My passion is to assist as many clients as I can to attain optimum health, happiness and personal success, through developing healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, a spiritual practice and learning how to live more fully in the world. My mission is to make available to you the experience and knowledge I have developed through many years of training, exploration, and wisdom gained through years of trial and error. This combined with gentle loving support, will help you successfully move in the direction of your personal healing goals.”


“I had felt led to work with a Shaman to dive deeper in my healing for about a year before I crossed paths with Alan. I am extremely grateful to have followed my intuition by waiting until I’d found ‘the real deal’… After my journey with him recently, I can say that I have never experienced such a profound inner shift, one that reconnected me with my true Nature, and helped me to re-member my Essence and purpose in this lifetime.  My experience with Alan opened my heart in a way I could have never imagined. He is a True Healer, master guide, compassionate listener. His voice, presence, and  Divine gift as a conduit for higher wisdom energies gently opened pathways that had previously been stagnant or blocked, allowing my inner Light to flow…

It’s been several weeks since my Shamanic journey with Alan, and I am still awed by the experience. I feel truly transformed – more aligned and connected to myself and my purpose than ever before. Issues and patterns that had been recycling in my life have been healed at a root level. I feel at Peace. My heart has remained opened and new insights and synchronicities continue to unfold. Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for the many gifts I received during our session. Wherever you are on your path, I highly recommend Alan’s incredible healing work…your Spirit will remember why you did.”


“Alan is the most extraordinary healer I have ever worked with, which is not to diminish the excellence of the other talented healers I have worked with in the past.  My life has improved radically since my first meeting with Alan.  I have suffered from chronic anxiety and depression for much of my life, which Alan has all but cured through a combination of healing modalities.  I have participated in several healing workshops and retreats offered by Alan including, Reiki treatments, Reiki Level 3 and Master Class, Shamanistic Reiki, as well as his weekend Meditation Retreats.”


Nicole Doherty  Nicole Ananda Coaching + Intutive Healing Arts

Nicole Doherty

As a Shamanic Empowerment Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Healer, Ceremonialist and Medicine Woman, she empowers the awakened women on a healing path to close the gap on her subconscious programming, unleash her priestess power and actualize her visions. Nicole has been apprenticing in Shamanic healing practices for close to a decade with shamans trained in the Shipibo tradition in Peru and shamanic practitioners in the US, learning how to release trauma and stuck energy to bring about deep healing.

Through her authentic vulnerability, powerful voice, strong intuition, and lightness of being, Nicole co-facilitates her clients through a deep alchemical healing process with Spirit and helps to empower them to activate their highest potential. She is an Intuitive Healer and Integrative Empowerment Coach at The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat in Mount Shasta, one of the premiere centers that leads healing retreats in both US and Peru.

You can also find Nicole teaching trainings and classes as an E-RYT 500 YogaWorks Teacher & Trainer. She teaches Goddess Full Moon Gatherings, Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Reiki Circles and Women’s Empowerment Workshops at large festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, and Oregon Eclipse and leads transformational healing retreats around the world. Nicole writes for a variety of wellness blogs, such as MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, Yogaworks, Beach Bodies, and American Athlete.

Personal words from Nicole

“In 2011, even as a working yoga teacher, my drug and alcohol addictions had taken over my life. I had a feeling of depression and malaise that was pervasive. My pain was unbearable. Nothing I was doing was fulfilling and everything felt challenging. Almost like I’d take a step forward and then several steps backwards. I knew that I had something bigger to contribute to life, but I didn’t know how to get there.

I really wanted to know “the Divine plan” that everyone was talking about. I always had a deep desire to know my souls’ purpose. I had a deep desire to leave all my unwanted behaviors and bad habits behind, but they kept getting the best of me. I wanted to get off the hamster wheel I seemed to be on. 

I finally had hit my breaking point. My apartment burned down and I was homeless.  This and another failed relationship woke me up to realize that something had to change.

It was then that I got “the call”. I had two friends that owned a sacred medicine center in Peru. They knew that I needed help and they offered their hands. On 1/1/11, I was called to live out my path and meet my destiny with this Great Spirit we call the Grandmother.

My mission is to use all my extensive wisdom in yoga, energy work, and shamanism paired with my qualities of inspiration, joy and creativity to create integrative healing and coaching empowerment programs for spiritually-based entrepreneurs, so that they can heal their past, access their higher soul’s purpose, unleash their priestess power, and thrive.


“Courage. Empowerment.Transformation. Self-Love. Patience. Perspective. And self-actualization. These are the words I use to describe my experience with Nicole Doherty. I started working with Nicole as a life coach to leave a job in which I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Nicole helped me accomplish this goal, but I gained much more from working with her than a new career. Nicole enabled me to unearth the causes underlying my discontentment for my job, and she dared me to engage in a process of self-discovery which has forever changed the course and trajectory of my life. With her insight and encouragement, I unveiled and overcame fears and old patterns holding me back from reaching my potential; I identified my strengths and recognized how I can use use them to further my goals; and I explored my passions and learned how to prioritize and integrate them in my personal and professional life. Nicole helped me “dive deep,” while giving me the practical tools necessary to implement real change. She provided tools and self-reflective practices which assisted me in revealing my true self; she created a schedule to keep me focused and accountable; she taught me how to set goals and apportion my time to meet them; and, through it all, she gave me permission to have fun and be creative in the process. In the end, Nicole became not only a life coach but a sounding board, mentor and friend. I transformed from unsure and scared to confident and courageous. In my lifelong process of “becoming,” Nicole was, and remains, integral. She turned a quick search for a change in career into a meaningful journey of personal enlightenment. I’m forever grateful for her help. You can do it too!”

~ Bradley T, Lawyer turned Entrepreneur


Dianna Jerrybandhan

Dianna Jerrybandhan is certified massage therapist, certified hypnotherapist, ordained healer, ordained minister, and reiki practitioner. She draws upon lessons from her own spiritual path of over 28 years, her formal education in psychology & sociology, and real life experiences as a mother and grandmother to support her clients. Dianna uses her gifts of healing, intuition, and compassion gained through the tragic loss of loved ones, to gently and lovingly minister to those who come to her. Womb regression and past life hypnosis are two of her specialities.

Having received several hugs from Amma the hugging saint, it has been said that Dianna transmits Amma’s healing energy through her arms and hands. Dianna firmly believes that touch is the most powerful of the five senses and she evokes love and healing through her touch.

As both an eternal student and teacher, Dianna stays open to knowledge from all sources as she regularly strives to raise her vibration. She understands that when we interact with others of high vibration, our consciousness is raised. She participated in Inner Awakening, a 21-day intensive training in Bangalore, India under the direct guidance of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Additionally, she is a graduate of Mastery University with Tony Robbins, Infinite Possibilities with Mike Dooley, and Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani of Mind Valley.

Ministering to others with deep compassion using her voice and healing hands, is Dianna’s superpower.

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“I received a massage from this gifted, heart-centered healer and felt my body and spirit renewed. Her warmth, compassion, generosity, intuition and genuine love for helping others are transmitted in her every touch.” 

~Desirae T • Psychotherapist (7/2020)

“WOW! What Dianna and I did was beyond what I could even imagine. I feel clear, grounded, strong, and ready to take on a challenge that has in my past massively effected my life.”

~Nikki B • Veteran (7/2019)

“I had an amazing hypnosis session with Dianne. I saw many beautiful visions and received many beautiful messages. It is very much needed for everyone. I highly recommend Dianne.”

~Roya F • CEO (7/2019)

“Dianna is a powerful coach who is very intuitive and authentic. She has helped me break through my sugar addiction, step into my power, remember my worth, communicate my truth and attract abundance into my life all in a short period of time. She is such a natural at guiding others with her spiritual wisdom. She truly helps you get the results you want in life. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Dianna for the immense impact you’ve had in my life!”

~Sulema P • Spiritual Life Coach (3/2017)


Robin Weaver

Our retreat chef, Robin Weaver, skillfully prepares for our guests, organic gluten free diets that are primarily vegetarian/pescatarian featuring delicious and healthful international recipes.

Robin is the owner of Threshing Circle Natural Foods, a gourmet – health supportive cooking and dietary consulting service in Mount Shasta, which has clients both nationally and internationally. 

With over 25 years worth of education in the culinary arts and experience cooking, advising and teaching about individual nutrition and diet, she prepares menus largely based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Dietary Medicine and Ayurveda.

She is accustomed to collaborating with other holistic health practitioners, to create menus that are customized to the individual dietary needs and nutritional requirements. Robin has broad cooking experience both with retreat groups, corporations and with individual clients who wish for delicious, healthy food of the highest quality. She welcomes you to the table here at Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat where you can share a tasty meal that nourishes both body and soul.

Robin is available for private dietary consultations to help support your physical well-being.

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