Integrative Coaching

Integrative Empowerment Coaching

As Integrative Empowerment Coaches, we are highly intuitive, loving, and powerful guides that helps you on a healing journey of personal transformation.  Our sessions are a collaborative, co-creative process of self-discovery. We are catalysts for helping you to learn more about the stories, limiting beliefs and uncertainties that hold you back from experiencing the life you envision.  Through direct, powerful questions, intuitive healing and other methods, we hold space for you to dive into your heart and uncover your interests, challenges, and life goals.  Together, we create movement through action plans that will unlock your highest potential and tap you into your soul’s purpose. As your accountability partners, we will support you in building new pathways in your life and business that will empower your personal evolution and help you thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Personal transformation, activation and awakening
  • Healing around old stories, patterns, and limiting beliefs
  • Design your life vision
  • Build confidence and be in your personal power
  • Co-create solutions and actions
  • Catalyze change
  • Generate new possibilities
  • Create goals and experience accountability
  • Access the wisdom of your body and energy centers
  • Live in abundance and prosperity
  • Address the whole of you – body, mind & spirit

Typical Session

Empowerment Coaching typically is a 60 – 90 min phone call weekly or bi-weekly depending on the program. We also include other healing modalities like shamanic healing work, yoga, breathwork, guided meditation, rituals, ceremonies Reiki energy healing, journey work, mantras and much more during these programs.

We offer a free 60 min discovery call so that you can receive an experience of this deep healing process and understand how we work. After this session, we will discuss the opportunities you have for creating real, lasting transformative change and will decide if this is a good fit for both of us.  If we decide to work together, we will offer you one of my customized programs that will support your growth process.   


“Dear Nicole, You are a beautiful beacon of Light with such inspirational guidance. Thank you so much for the many golden nuggets you have shared with me during my Life Coaching sessions.  Not only did you help me understand my personal addictions to things such as recreational drugs, food and fear-based thoughts but you also helped me make commitments to myself which to me is one of the foundations to self-love. I deeply thank you for sharing your techniques on business/career path as well, for this has helped me tremendously to make the first step and go for my goals!  All I needed was a little nudge and direction.  I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for a loving, nurturing but also direct, honest & highly intuitive spiritual teacher, healer and guide. Many blessings to you. Xoxo”

~ Angela

“When I found Nicole I was in a major life transition and what felt like crisis mode. I was unhappy with my job and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I felt like I had tunnel vision and could not see beyond the current job that was unsatisfying. When we began our work I didn’t understand how things were going to shift, but as we went through the mentorship process things unfolded and it became very clear that there were many things in my life feeding this feeling of malaise. I started to get a holistic view of my life. The main result that I received from this training is the understanding that I am the creator of my reality. As I change my perspective my whole life changes around me. I am grateful that I had a mentor guide me through this phase in my life to support this change and help me to focus and discover what I want and desire in my life. I now have tools in place moving forward that I can use for a lifetime. I created goals for my future to keep accountable. I feel empowered, supported and ready for the next phase of my life!”

~E.M., Coaching Client

“I want to write a special massive dose of gratitude to Nicole Doherty, not only is she one of my dear friends but what most of you may not know is that she’s also been my coach over the last 6 weeks in her coaching program. Nicole has been masterfully:

*helping me to reclaim my power
*guiding me back to my true vision for my life
*providing me practices and inquiries to get grounded and aligned with my truth
*unlocking strength and insight that felt dormant
*navigating with me a new sense of self that’s both softer and more expanded and true
*giving me permission to trust myself and my intuition

Nicole has helped me to find my power internally and connect to earth and God…to celebrate who I am versus running away or jumping out…to persevere and build faith. Nicole your guidance and wisdom are incredible and I’m so grateful for you !!!”

~Violet, Coaching Client