Cacao + Freedom Breathwork Ceremony: Ashland, January 1, 2020

New Year's Day - Cacao Freedom Breathwork Ceremony January 2020

New Year’s Day Cacao + Freedom Breathwork Ceremony: Ashland, January 2020

Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat + Ashland Yoga Center Present


This celebration is to bring you into conscious communication with yourself and the collective.  We will practice authentic relating, acceptance, vulnerability and healing.

Let’s create our deep heart-felt intentions for 2020!

  • Heart Opening Cacao Intention Ceremony
  • Tantra Connection + Movement
  • Spiritual Coaching + Dyad Processes
  • Freedom Breathwork + Sound Bath Ceremony

Are you ready to practice communicating with acceptance, truth, and authentic love for yourself and others? Will you support us in manifesting a society of conscious communicators?

As we see it, this past year was a deep process of revealing.

As a society we were breaking through past patriarchal programs, conditions and old structures that were limiting us. As individuals, we were healing our ancestral patterns and entanglements.

We are in a great state of awakening and as such are in a great state of release. It’s imperative to let go of the emotions that have been buried deep within, heal the inner child, and bring the mind-body-soul triad into balance for optimal healing and radical self-love.

This workshop is designed to assist you in being in conscious communication with your tribe.

The Cacao plant is a beautiful heart opening medicine that will dissolve barriers of protection around your heart. Through empowerment coaching, intimacy diad processing, freedom breathwork, reiki, and sound healing you will heal core wounds, retrieve your power, align you with your truth and find wholeness again. We will ceremonially put an end to this year and bring in the new one with dance and celebration!

When you integrate your lower and higher selves and bring balance to your masculine and feminine energies, you create harmony within.

This is the process of conscious communication, emotional honesty and true love!


January 1, 2020 | 2:30 – 5:30pm | $35 pre-sale by December 19th / $48 after

Your Hosts: 

Alan Waugh and Nicole Doherty are owners of Mount Shasta’s premiere healing center, Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat. They hold great passion for the deep inner work that’s needed to hold space with great care, compassion, humility and integrity. With combined experience of over 30 years as healers, coaches, meditators, yogis and retreat facilitators, they have held space for thousands of people’s journeys.